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Discover the Comfort and Community in Our 16 Specialized Homes

Stepping Stones for Living offers a network of 16 homes, providing a nurturing and safe environment for clients with specific needs like CADI/MI and TBI/NB waivers. These homes are designed to foster independent living skills while ensuring 24-hour supervision and support. Each residence is equipped to cater to the unique requirements of its occupants, ensuring a comfortable, secure, and conducive atmosphere for personal growth and recovery.

The homes emphasize community integration and skill development, featuring structured programs and activities tailored to enhance social interaction and daily enrichment. With a focus on creating a homely and therapeutic environment, these residences offer clients a balanced blend of care, independence, and community engagement, facilitating their journey towards improved health and well-being.

Exterior view of a well-maintained residence from our homes and residences offerings
Front view of a residential home available in our housing program
Charming residence featured in our homes and residences section
One of our residential homes showcased in pristine condition
Elegant home from our residential services portfolio
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Providing supports and services that help individuals live and stay in the community.

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